Connect Roku To The WIFI Again With These 8 Techniques

Connect Roku To The WIFI Again With These 8 Techniques is today our topic. Roku devices are well-known for their ability to stream web entertainment. This means that in order to stream material smoothly, these devices must be linked to the internet. You won’t be able to watch material online if you’re linked to a bad network or no network at all.

You may notice that your Roku is not connected to Wi-Fi when watching streaming video. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including a weak Wi-Fi connection, network difficulties, and so on. This article will go through all of the reasons why Roku won’t connect to the internet, as well as how to fix it.

Why Is Roku Unable To Connect To The Internet?

If Roku cannot connect to the wireless network, it will be difficult to get the most out of the gadget. Roku won’t connect to Wi-Fi for a variety of reasons:

  1. An Unreliable Internet Connection
  2. Due To Incorrectly Entered Id And Password
  3. Obstacles In The Path Of Roku And The Router
  4. Problems With The Network, Router, Or Modem

What Should You Do If Your Roku Isn’t Connecting to Wi-Fi?

You read about the reasons why Roku isn’t connecting to your Wi-Fi network in the previous part; now let’s look at the remedies and see what can be done to repair the Roku device’s connection issues:

What are the 8 Strategies For Troubleshooting Connect Roku To The WIFI Again

8 Strategies For Troubleshooting Connect Roku To The WIFI Again

 1.Verify That Your Roku Is Connected To The Internet.

The first and most important thing to verify is whether or not your Roku device is connected to the internet. Follow these steps to see if your Roku device is getting enough connection speed and strength:
To reach the side menu, press Left on the remote on the home screen. Look for options.

  1. To Reach The Settings Menu, Press Right On The Remote, Then Right Again To Open The Network.
  2. Press Right On The Network Page Once Again, And You’ll See Two Options. The Connection Details May Be Seen On The About
  3. Page, Or You Can Verify The Connection Using The Check Connection Tool.
  4. The Connection Type, Ip And Mac Address, Signal Strength, Wireless Channel, And Download Rates Are All Listed On The About
  5. Page. If None Of These Information Is Provided, Roku Is Not Connected To The Internet.
  6. Use The Check Connection Tool If You Can See The Following Information And Are Connected To The Internet. Scroll Down And Hit The Tool.
  7. A Pop-up Window Will Open, Displaying Information About Your Network Connection, Internet Connection, And Internet Signal Or
  8. Speed. If The Speed Is Acceptable, Try Playing Media To See If It Helps To Resolve The Problem.
  9. If The Signal Strength Is Low Or Weak, The Screen Will Provide Directions For Resolving The Problem. And If The Problem Persists, It Indicates That The Roku Device Is Not Linked To A Strong Network, Which Might Be Caused By The Router Or Modem. If The Network Service Is Momentarily Unavailable, You Can Wait.

2.Double-check The SSID And Password.

Next, make sure that the Network ID, also known as the Service Set Identifier (SSID), is right. You’ll see a number of networks that your Roku device will automatically scan, so make sure you’re just trying to connect to your network, and the password should be written carefully to ensure correctness.

3.Turn On Your Roku Device Again

A simple restart will sometimes resolve all difficulties with your Roku device, including the inability to connect to Wi-Fi. To restart your Roku device, follow these steps:

  1. To Access The Side Menu On The Home Screen
  2. Press Left On The Remote And Scroll Down To Settings.
  3. Right-click To Open The Settings Menu.
  4. Then Go To System And Press Right To Open It.
  5. Then, On The Remote, Seek For System Restart, Pick Restart, And Push Ok.
  6. This Will Force The Roku Device To Reset Or Reboot.

4.Restart The Modem And Router

If Roku still won’t connect to the wireless network, you may reset or reboot the router and modem. To restart the router and modem, follow the procedures below:

  1. Disconnect the modem and router.
  2. Allow 30 seconds for the gadgets to cool down. This will also let your ISP, PCs, and other devices know that your network and modem are both down.
  3. Connect the modem and push the Power button if it does not turn on.
  4. Allow the modem to verify with your ISP for 60 seconds.
  5. Now connect in the router and push the Power button if necessary.
  6. Allow some time for the router to power up.
  7. Check to verify whether the Roku is connected to Wi-Fi after the router and modem have been restarted.
  8. To learn how to connect Roku to the internet, proceed to the next procedure.

5.Re-enable Roku’s Internet Connection

If the instructions above don’t work, try reconnecting your Roku device to the Wi-Fi network by following the steps below:

  1. On The Home Screen, Press Left On The Remote To Access The Side Menu; Seek For Settings.
  2. To Go To Network, Tap Right Again In The Settings Area.
  3. Scroll Down To Set Up Connection > Wireless > Ok On The Network Page.
  4. A Wireless Network Scan Will Begin; Find And Pick Your Network From The List.
  5. Now Fill In Your Wi-fi Password And Then Select Connect. Your Roku Device Will Begin Connecting To The Network If The Password Is Accurate.
  6. This Is How You Can Reconnect Roku To Wi-fi And Resolve The Issue.

6.Turn Off Network Pings

Another reason Roku won’t connect to Wi-Fi might be network pings, and blocking them could be one solution. Here’s how to turn off network pings:

Press Home 5 times > Fast Forward > Play > Rewind > Play > Fast Forward > Rewind > Play > Fast Forward

Following that,

Disable Network Pings from the System Operations menu > Network menu

7. Double-check Your Dns Settings

To Verify That Your Internet Is Functioning Properly, Double-check That Your Dns (Domain Name System) Settings Are Right. Here’s How To Do It:

  1. Use Your User Id And Password To Log In To The Router.
  2. Go To The Dns Configuration Page.
  3. Enter In Dns1 And In Dns2 To Change The Internal Dns Address To The Public Dns Address.
  4. Restart The Roku Device As Well As Your Router After Saving The Modifications.
  5. This May Assist You In Reconnecting Your Roku Device To The Internet.

8.Alternatives To Troubleshooting

If the aforementioned remedies don’t work, here are some alternative options to consider:

  1. You May Connect Your Router To The Internet Entry Port With An Ethernet Cable, Which May Result In A Better Internet Connection.
  2. And You May Also Put Your Router And Roku Device Closer Together To Verify That There Are No Physical Barriers Between Them.
  3. You May Also Reach Out To Roku For Assistance.


1.How can I change my Roku password?

Follow these procedures to reset your Roku device password:

  1. Go To The Roku Official Password Reset Website.
  2. Click The Submit Button After Entering The Email Address Associated With Your Roku Device.
  3. You Will Get An Email Containing Information For Resetting Your Password.
  4. Create A New Password For Your Roku Device By Following The Instructions.

2.Without a control, how do you connect Roku to Wi-Fi?

To connect Roku to Wi-Fi without using the remote, follow these steps:

  1. Connect The Roku Device To The Same Wi-fi Network As Your Smartphone.
  2. Select Devices From The Roku App.
  3. After That, Choose Your Roku Device.
  4. This Will Pair Your Phone With Your Roku Device.

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